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An Invitation to Return

The redemption of God is essentially an invitation to return because humanity have veered off course to how God originally intended them to live. It is an invitation to return to what God had in His heart from the beginning. 

The Elysium Mentality

If you’re like me, when you watch a movie, you can’t help but see the deeper things that are ingrained 

A Friend of a City

Each person has a universe inside of them and if you just take the time to listen, it's amazing what kind of things you'll discover. 

Being Uprooted

June 30th was the last day we were in our house. The Mancave, which is what we called our place, 

The God Who Became Vulnerable

Jesus feels your pain. He knows your cries. He has been in your shoes. He has immersed himself with the human condition. The cross is at the core of this immersion. He has made things right and He invites us back to Him. He came to restore our identity, to heal the sick, take away our guilt-conscious mind and give us freedom.  

What You Carry

The way most people react to you is dependent in your countenance towards them. If you keep a positive attitude 

Breaking Through The Cocoon

Just imagine, what if a butterfly still thought that it was a caterpillar? Can it fully step into the life it was created to be? Or will it still be stuck crawling on its belly not knowing that it was a beautiful butterfly who is well equipped to flap its wings and fly? 

Embracing the Past

Shame only has power over us when we try to separate our past from our story